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Accessibility and Sustainability Challenges

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This Tuesday the kids discussed accessibility. We talked about what accessibility is (physical and mental), how the school is designed for accessibility and how our design project of school design needs to consider accessibility.  The kids were extremely creative when it came to ways to make the classroom a welcoming space for everyone.  Once we ….  Read More

Working on our innovation Challenge and Driving Straight

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This Tuesday the kids worked on the Innovation Challenge  The kids have decided to focus on classroom and school design.  We will be working to flush out our approach over the next few weeks and as we build our 5 minute presentation. On Friday the kids worked on the robot challenges.  We split up into ….  Read More

Get Ready for FIRST LEGO League This Summer

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Building – Open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. – Private, independent website featuring LEGO sculptures, mosaics, news, reviews, and building tips & tricks. – BrickJournal is a magazine that spotlights the many aspects of the LEGO Community. – Cool LEGO building stuff. – More ….  Read More