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Save The Date 1/11/20

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Good News,  We have been assigned our competition date so Please save the Date. Rockville Science Center FLL Qualifier – hosted at the Universities at Shady Grove, which will occur on 1/11/2020. The event will run from 8 am to 4 pm roughly.  We will get you a more detailed agenda once it is published. ….  Read More

Accessibility and Sustainability Challenges

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This Tuesday the kids discussed accessibility. We talked about what accessibility is (physical and mental), how the school is designed for accessibility and how our design project of school design needs to consider accessibility.  The kids were extremely creative when it came to ways to make the classroom a welcoming space for everyone.  Once we ….  Read More

Working on our innovation Challenge and Driving Straight

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This Tuesday the kids worked on the Innovation Challenge  The kids have decided to focus on classroom and school design.  We will be working to flush out our approach over the next few weeks and as we build our 5 minute presentation. On Friday the kids worked on the robot challenges.  We split up into ….  Read More

Sponsorship sheets are available for people to take out into their community

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Please consider sharing the 2019 sponsorship packet with parents and local businesses. 2019 sponsorship packet   The Wyngate Elementary School FLL Program is a volunteer program and is only possible because of generous donations of our community.  If you would like to see this program grow please consider doing one of the following: Volunteer time to ….  Read More

First Lego League Kickoff

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FLL 2019/2020 Kickoff Every year FIRST releases the game worldwide as a way to kick off the season.  This year’s game is called City Shaper and the Kickoff is August 1st. SInce the team has not officially begun it may be fun to watch it at home with your child to gauge their interest is ….  Read More