What to expect at a Tournament

FIRST LEGO League tournaments are filled with FUN, teamwork, and are a celebration that encourage our young scientists. Behind the scenes there is a massive volunteer coordination effort that ensures a great event for each team. Prepared coaches and teams will lead to a great experience for everyone.


Teams should bring four copies of their team information sheet to the competition. Coaches need to log on to the FIRST inspires website and bring a printed roster of their team to registration. Teams will typically be given a packet of information with the schedule for the day.


Typically schedules will not be sent to teams before the day of the tournament. The team should be prepared for a full day of exciting activities from Judging, to robot runs, to awards. Each tournament runs on a very tight schedule; make sure your team gets to their event EARLY.  If you have a conflict between Judging or your Robot run, go to your scheduled Judging and the Referees will fit your team in to make up their run.

What to Bring

A print-out of programs and robot specification page is strongly suggested. Team Roster, materials, props, and equipment needed for Project presentation. Robot, equipment, spare parts. Laptop computer with batteries and/or AC adapter, extra batteries, extension cords, power strip, and the whole team for the entire day.  Optional Items include a Team scrapbook, Team banner or flag, posters, or other decorations for pit space, snacks and drinks, Storage box, fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams.

Leave at Home

Your Challenge Set, mission models, mat, and practice table. A practice table with mission models will be provided at your tournament. A second robot to compete, only one robot may be taken to the field. Worries or cares –it’s up to the kids on your team now!

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