We are The Mind Crafters

Yesterday we picked our team name. We will hence forth be known and The Mind Crafters. The Rad Unicorns and Kazooka came in second and third place respectively when we were down to the final three. Lots of opinions on this decision, so this may be something fun to ask about at home

Yesterday we also started to learn about locomotion – movement or the ability to move from one place to another. “the muscles that are concerned with locomotion” We talked about how different creatures locomote, how important moving is to survival in the wild and how important locomotion will be for our robot. We followed this up be teaching the kids how our robot moves and how to write code for the drive motors.

Here is some homework for the kids this week
1. download the Microsoft windstorm software https://education.lego.com/en-us/downloads/mindstorms-ev3/software
2. watch this video on how to write drive strait code (see additional videos below)

3. Let your kids make up their own code and save it
4. upload their code file here with their name in it https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gHVsXOQrh-XM1fx7c0ZCvgOyZfR-MmfU

We plan to try all of the code examples on the robot next Tuesday

Below are a few more videos on writing drive code that could be very useful to watch before next Tuesday.

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