Ready Set Go

The challenge elements are built, the tables are built, the team members have been identified and  this Friday the team kicks off!!

Yesterday we had our first parents meeting and it went as well as can be expected, Thanks to all of the patents that showed up.   Bonus, we have a volunteer who is going to design the team’s t-shirt. woo hoo.

ACTION – All Parents, This Friday is the first student meeting, please remember to send a note with your child so that they are directed to the Wyngate Maker space after school. 
ACTION – All Parents, This Friday please make sure they have a set of clothes that can get dirty. We will be painting our competition tables.

The Wyngate Elementary School FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Team is being setup as an official after school program.   To ensure the program does not run afoul of any of the MCPS rules and regulations in its inaugural year, the staff at Wyngate and the Wyngate foundation have been busy dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s.  During this process several potential pitfalls were identified and are being resolved.  We are extremely grateful for their diligence on this.

Lots of people expressing interest in the Wyngate Elementary Robotics Program.  We received nearly 50 responses to our interest survey.  The original plan for the season was to run the team with 10 students to get all of the kinks worked out and than to open the program up to more students in the future.  In keeping with that plan we have selected 10 students at random from the interest list and have moved them forward in the team signup process.

To the parents that have not been notified but have signed the interest form, know that your student is on the wait list for the first team of 10.  If a spot frees up on that team, we will select a new student at random to be given the opportunity to join.

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